Mel King Institute


How might we increase the Institute's ability to equip community development professionals for greater impact?


Curriculum changes based on demographic and need insights

Website makeover that reflects new value proposition

Videos that tell story of Institute's work


Product and service design


1 year


Joe Kriesberg, Shirronda Almeida, John Fitterer, Dianne Gordon, Natalia Vasquez



Adobe Ae, Ps, Pr

My role:

Design researcher, strategist, visuals production

please use a computer for best viewing and complete portfolio

key results


I created this video after conducting design research, to bring together the footage I had of workshops in action, expert interviews, and the physical context that these leaders were doing community development in.




Mel King

The Mel King Institute is the community development training provider for the state of MA. It is named for civil rights leader Mel King, who continues to advise it. I joined for 12 months to consult on program, research, and UX, as part of a national fellowship to match emerging leader talent with social sector initiatives. 





I started by looking at the information we had. I sat in on workshops to talk to participants before and after about the challenges they faced and how the Institute served them. I dug through survey forms from past events, and demographic data on who we served. I interviewed experts on camera about the history and purpose of the institute and the evolution of the field.

3 focus groups

12 months of survey data

Interviews with experts

Web analytics

Field research

Landscape research


Then I led Director of MKI, President of MACDC, the Director of Communications, and field experts through a series of discussions on the history, purpose, and value proposition of the MKI.



synthesis + solutions

new website

Plans for a new website were already underway. I incorporated learnings from my research as I mapped the architecture. I worked with the Communications Director to define the look and feel. I provided design feedback to contracted designer, managed the website building and debugging by contracted developer team, and wrote copy and designed graphics for the new site.



better programming

I recommended programming shifts to serve emerging needs in the space and constituency.

updated branding

I redesigned marketing materials including feedback forms, course fliers, email templates to be more visually appealing and reflect a more modern branding.