How can we help illiterate users avoid mold growing on their water filters?


Technical illustration guide to accompany filter distribution.


Design research


Public health


1 week


Natalia Vásquez

My role:

Design research, technical illustration


Adobe Ps, pen and paper

please use a computer for best viewing and complete portfolio

You can read my blog about this field research here. During this trip I discovered by exploratory observation and conversation that water filters were being left in the sun and exposed, conditions under where they were most likely to grow mold. This was noted in the user guide, but many people who received filters are illiterate or have low levels of reading. After observing this need, I decided to create technical illustrations to support their needs.

We went up with implementation partner East Bali Poverty Project.

Village's main water source before the filters was deeply contaminated and caused health problems.

Desa Ban village. Beautiful, but hard to pipe or catch water as it's perched on a pinnacle.

I learned from this project that observation can tell you a lot that reports won't, and that follow up visits are pretty important to testing if your intervention works.